Auto Editor's Pick

3 things that can wreck your car today

You love & need your car, and you can’t afford to have it break down out of nowhere. So you take it for maintenance once a year, and you feel you’ve done what is needed to ensure it keeps running. But is that enough? What else doesn’t require much time and is among the top things that damage car engines?

We found 3 things, and none of them require extra time on your part.

  1. Running Out of Fuel – This one seems obvious, but most people think that running out of gas is not that big a deal. ‘It’ll just stop running.’ Watch this Youtube video if you want to find out exactly what happens if you run out of fuel: – summary: Not Good!

2.   Filling Up with The Wrong Type Of Fuel – Adding diesel fuel instead of gasoline fuel is a huge problem, especially for diesel engines, and can result in immediate major damage. You most likely won’t make this mistake, but be careful who you borrow your car for.

3.   Dirty Fuel Filter – Engine hard starts, engine stopping unexpectedly (especially on slopes), acceleration issues, bad exhaust fume odor are just a few of the symptoms of a dirty fuel filter. Why go through this for months before finally taking it to the shop? As soon as you notice any of these, make sure to get those filters cleaned/replaced and save yourself the trouble.